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百家乐app平台_遏制假新闻 Facebook使出了这几招

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百家乐app平台:For weeks, Facebook has been questioned about its role in spreading fake news. 几个星期以来,Facebook仍然因其在假新闻传播过程中扮演着的角色而遭批评。Now the company has mounted its most concerted effort to combat the problem.目前,该公司于是以采行步调尤为完全一致的行动来解决问题这一问题。Facebook said Thursday it had begun a series of experiments to limit misinformation on its site. Facebook周四回应,公司早已著手前进一系列试验性措施,目的遏止其网站上欺诈信息的传播。

The tests include making it easier for its 1.8 billion members to report fake news, and creating partnerships with outside fact-checking organizati百家乐appons to help it indicate when articles are false. 这些试验还包括:让其18亿名用户可以更为更容易地检举假新闻,并与外部事实核查机构创建合作关系,以便及时就内容欺诈的文章作出提醒。The company is also changing some advertising practices to stop purveyors of fake news from profiting from it.此外,该公司正在转变某些广告业务惯例,为的是避免假新闻供应者借此利润。


Facebook is in a tricky position with these tests. 积极开展这些试验的Facebook处境极为失望。It has regarded itself as a neutral place where people can freely post, read and view content. 它仍然将其网站视为一个中立的地方,人们可以在上面权利地公布、读者和观赏内容。

But as its reach and influence have grown, it has had to confront questions about its moral obligations and ethical standards regarding what appears on the network.但随着它的传播范围和影响力与日俱增,它被迫面临与经常出现在其网站的信息有关的道德义务和伦理标准问题。Its experiments on curtailing fake news show that Facebook recognizes it has a deepening responsibility for what is on its site. Facebook积极开展的这些目的遏止假新闻传播的试验指出,它意识到自己对经常出现在自家网站上的内容负起沉痛的责任。But Facebook is wary of exposing itself to claims of censorship.但Facebook极为慎重地防止声称这是在展开审查。

We really value giving people a voice, but we also believe we need to take responsibility for the spread of fake news on our platform, said Adam Mosseri, 我们十分珍惜的是,流露出倾听渠道,但我们也指出,我们必须对假新闻在自家平台上的传播担起责任,Facebook负责管理信息流业务的副总裁亚当莫塞里(Adam Mosseri)回应。a Facebook vice president who is in charge of its News Feed, the company’s method of distributing information to its global audience.该公司通过这项业务向全球受众启动时信息。Fake news is not confined to Facebook, 假新闻不只不存在于Facebook上。with a vast ecosystem of false news creators who thrive on online advertising and who can use other social media and search engines to propagate their work. 假新闻制造者早已构成了一个极大的生态系统,他们靠在线广告发展壮大,可以利用其它社交媒体和搜索引擎推展他们的作品。


Google, Twitter and message boards like 4chan and Reddit have all been criticized for being part of that chain.谷歌(Google)、Twitter以及4chan、Reddit等论坛都是这个链条上的一员,也都因此受到了抨击。Still, Facebook has taken the most heat over fake news. 不过,Facebook忍受了假新闻问题所引起的大部分气愤。

The company has been under that spotlight since Donald Trump was elected president. 自从唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)被选为总统以来,该公司仍然正处于聚光灯下。Trump’s victory led people to focus on whether Facebook had influenced the electorate, especially with the rise of hyperpartisan sites on the network and many examples of misinformation.特朗普的胜利造成人们探讨于Facebook 否曾影响选民,特别是在是利用其网站上经常出现的一批党派色彩极强的专页以及许多欺诈信息来施加影响。Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, has said he did not believe the social network had influenced the election result.Facebook的首席执行官马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)回应,他毫无疑问Facebook影响了议会选举结果。_百家乐app平台。


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